Friday, December 9, 2011

Getting caught in "busy" work.

It has certainly been a while since a post has been entered here. Months and perhaps even a year has gone by without an entry and we will try to rectify that today. We probably won't make it a daily thing yet as the "busy" work keeps on coming up, but at least will try to see if we can make a monthly entry, or perhaps a weekly one.

Being absent for so long, it seems like I have lost any train of topics for discussion here, nevertheless, we shall try. We are hoping and praying that time allows us to keep on posting and find the time and topics to post.

Welcome back my friend and looking forward to your continuing posts.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Thankfulness and Blessings

Last Sunday, the 2nd of May, our youngest daughter, received her first Holy Communion. It was such a humbling experience that I actually stood in church for a while trying to make sense of what is going on around me.

Of course my wife was crying through some of it, besides, her baby is going through another benchmark in life on her way to adulthood. This would also be enough to make me cry. What was interesting though, was that, there were people in our church that were also crying during the ceremony, celebrating with us this joyous occassion.

Now I know that however, or whatever the situation is, that our small community has accepted us, the Dimaano's as a part of this small community in the middle of nowhere in VA. I guess it has not sunk in yet, that the community has accepted us THAT completely! That we are a part of everyone's family. I would like to write more about this acceptance and experience that we have, but will have to do it on a different post, but let it suffice for now, that we are never happier with what we had gone through yesterday in our small community in Meherrin.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A week without the wife

This week, my wife is spending in Southern California. Amidst the glorious weather and the company of babies, both grown and newborn. I am sure that she is having fun. I am left in the house with our 4 and at first was dreading it, and then realized that I would actually enjoy it.

Last Sunday, the second day that my wife is gone, I was driving with my kids and realized that I really do enjoy their company. Not only because they are my children, but they are truly wonderful kids. Smart and sharp, their wits are so refreshing that I found myself laughing, inside and out. Outside because I was noisily screaming and laughing with them. Inside, because in my heart I feel the beauty of the simple experience that we are sharing.

I remember my Dad spending time with me before, when I was 11 or 12 and he and I would spend the whole morning at the range. Sweaty and tired in the summers of Southeast Asia, my Dad would drive with the windows closed and the A/C off. He would laugh at me complaining about the heat, sweating profusely and melting in the heat. He would tell me that life is sometimes like that, we need to learn to bear the heat and then enjoy the beautiful experience of finally getting home, getting out of the car and heading for a cold shower. Ahhh the wonderful feeling of it all, after the scorching heat.

Learn to live and enjoy the hard tasks in life, and then bask in the wonderful feeling of joyous comfort when it is all over. As my Paping would say "enjoy and bear the heat buddy, a refreshingly cold shower is on its way".

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The first quarter of 2010 came and went so fast that it was actually a blur. It seems like nothing happened other than the fact that we mostly stayed indoors and had good training in "how to endure cabin fever". The weather was and is still pounding on parts of the East Coast and am glad that Spring is finally here. It was definitely a terrible winter.

Looking forward to the nice weather and praying really hard to be able to spend some time in the Links. Miss the smell of newly cut grass in the morning and the view of the fairways as it glistens with the morning dew. The quiet "Ting" as the irons hit the sweet spot and the marvelous "clunk" as the ball hits the bottoom of the cup. The sights, smell and sound of the course that festers in my mind and tells all my senses that all is right in my world.

As my mother's 10th death anniversary approaches, I remember my Paping's words when we were young, "Do whatever it is you want as long as your mother does not cry". Well, hope you're not crying now Mom, coz we would'nt want Paping mad in heaven. :-) Miss them both so much, specially on these perfect days that are sure to come soon.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It has definitely been a while since my last entry. Months as a matter of fact. What have we been up to... endless winter it seems. The first flurries fell on Dec. 18 and lasted for a couple of days. By the time all was said and done, we were 15 inches buried in snow. Christmas was definitely white and raining and cold all in the same package. Growing up in 80 degree weather this time of the year, going to 30 was torture. All the layers of clothing and all the heaters running makes your whole body confused and not knowing where to go... oh well, they say this is the worst winter VA has had since 1962... I believe them. This is certainly the worst I've had...

Will keep this short and sweet for now since I still have a long ways to go, but in spite of all these challenges... according to my Pops... "Life is like a Putt son.... you always have to charge to give that ball a chance to find the cup..... if its short... there is 0% chance of making the hole".

With that I leave you now.... no matter what kind of lie your putt is in life... CHARGE !!! That's the only way to find the cup!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Been Gone for a while

Hello friends! We have just spent an awesome month with family and the visit has been great. While it was surely some strain in the pockets, it was nevertheless, worth every single penny spent. We had several trips from the Nations Capital to the City that never sleeps... In the middle of summer, New York definitely was wide awake...

There have been motorcycle races for me, various sleepless nights from endless chit chats, and a lot of time spent in our small piece of heaven in Meherrin..... For those of you who still dreams of the quiet and idle times spent in the water, keep the dreams that will drive you back to these wonderful times... To the others who enjoyed the docile and mind relaxing activity of cutting the grass.... The Cub Cadet will be here next time... For now.. it all goes back to me, and while some may think that this is a chore... to us.. in Meherrin... it could all be part of our desire to relax, take a break, keep in touch with nature.. and ultimately find harmony within ourselves... Good Luck to all and we will be here until the next time....... Kapirasong Langit.... a little piece of Heaven...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where it came from

Growing up poor in Asia was something not new to a lot of people from that part of the world. My father was one of them, never had the opportunity to go beyond 2nd grade, not by choice but rather through circumstances. In spite of this he rose from poverty and sent 5 kids through college and more importantly, through the trials and tribulations of life. Some people become lawyers, and learn from the pages of a book... Others opt for medicine, and learn the trade that heals.... My father chose the Golf Course.... and one that I think of often, was a wonderful way to build a life.

After all, how many of us can wake up in the morning and gripe " Man I have to play Golf today"! A bummer of a career, but then a profession nevertheless. The worst part of this was, he got paid to wear the clothes, to use the clubs, to put some name on his bag, to endorse a brand, and to figure out life, from ten different countries all over the world.

Throughout life, we were lucky.. to share all the laughter and the wisdom that my father used to call... wisdom from grade two.... the highest education level, he attained.