Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where it came from

Growing up poor in Asia was something not new to a lot of people from that part of the world. My father was one of them, never had the opportunity to go beyond 2nd grade, not by choice but rather through circumstances. In spite of this he rose from poverty and sent 5 kids through college and more importantly, through the trials and tribulations of life. Some people become lawyers, and learn from the pages of a book... Others opt for medicine, and learn the trade that heals.... My father chose the Golf Course.... and one that I think of often, was a wonderful way to build a life.

After all, how many of us can wake up in the morning and gripe " Man I have to play Golf today"! A bummer of a career, but then a profession nevertheless. The worst part of this was, he got paid to wear the clothes, to use the clubs, to put some name on his bag, to endorse a brand, and to figure out life, from ten different countries all over the world.

Throughout life, we were lucky.. to share all the laughter and the wisdom that my father used to call... wisdom from grade two.... the highest education level, he attained.

First Entry and trying it out

One of the things that I learned from my late father was that we have to constantly keep on pushing ourselves to learn something new. That once we have accepted the fact that we are done learning, then it is time to check-out, to be a non-entity, to leave this world, to die.

One year a long time ago, i learned how to use the computer, in another I learned how to restore old German automobiles, and in another i learned how to play the guitar. This year was suppose to be for wood working and yet here we are, on our first adventure as a blogger.

Good luck to us and may we flow with loads of 2nd grade wisdom from the world's greatest golfer.