Thursday, April 1, 2010

The first quarter of 2010 came and went so fast that it was actually a blur. It seems like nothing happened other than the fact that we mostly stayed indoors and had good training in "how to endure cabin fever". The weather was and is still pounding on parts of the East Coast and am glad that Spring is finally here. It was definitely a terrible winter.

Looking forward to the nice weather and praying really hard to be able to spend some time in the Links. Miss the smell of newly cut grass in the morning and the view of the fairways as it glistens with the morning dew. The quiet "Ting" as the irons hit the sweet spot and the marvelous "clunk" as the ball hits the bottoom of the cup. The sights, smell and sound of the course that festers in my mind and tells all my senses that all is right in my world.

As my mother's 10th death anniversary approaches, I remember my Paping's words when we were young, "Do whatever it is you want as long as your mother does not cry". Well, hope you're not crying now Mom, coz we would'nt want Paping mad in heaven. :-) Miss them both so much, specially on these perfect days that are sure to come soon.

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